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My Content

In here you will find some of the strange and weird people we hang around with most weekends as we all love a certain car. No prizes for guessing which one.


In the photo album you will find pictures of my family including my partner Lorraine, my Mother and Father, my sister Allison who lives in California here children and husband, my two STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIERS Tia and Xena also my two pet fist Brookland and crayford the Piranha. Also you will find pictures of holidays which we have been on recently.

In this section I will give you an insight into some of the hobbies I have which include satellite weather imaging from space ( APT). And give you a short explanation in to how too get started if you want to give it a go. I will give you advise on keeping fish such as Piranha and other strange or unpopular fish.

In this section you will find a list of the most popular web sites that I visit and other cool links i.e. software and music links which I will try and keep up to date.

This is where you can find my E-MAIL address so if you have some thing constructive to say them please feel free.